Dhap deyine (धप देयिने)


All of a sudden

English Meaning

in an instant, straight away, at once, all at once, quickly and unexpectedly

English Synonyms

immediately, instantaneously, instantly,promptly, abruptly, in a trice, swiftly

Hindi Synonyms

अचानक, सहसा, एकाएक, अनायास, यकायक, अकस्मात


To denote something that occurs abruptly


Marwari - जुई दरवाजो खुलियो, वो 'धप देयिने' मयीने आई गयो
English - As soon as the door opened, he come in 'immediately'.
Hindi - जैसे ही दरवाज़ा खुला, वो अचानक अन्दर आ गया

Marwari - वो मने खूब तंग करीरो हेतो; अणा वास्ते, मैं वंने 'धप देयिने' रेपट मेल दिदी
English - He was troubling me a lot; so I 'straight away' slapped him.
Hindi - वो मुझे बहोत तंग कर रहा था; इसलिये मैंने उसे सहसा थप्पड़ मार दी


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