Baavji (बावजी)


Deity or God

English Meaning

It refers to an supernatural entity, who is superior to other life forms, either in strength or spirituality.

English Synonyms

god, spirit associated with exorcism, divine being, celestial being, godhead,

Hindi Synonyms

देव, देवता, शरीर में आनेवाली देवी या देव


It is usually used to address some deity in general or express exclamation due to surprise, joy, shock or fear.


Marwari - अच्छो काम करी, तो बावजी थारो भलो करी
English - If you do good work, then god will do good for you.
Hindi - अच्छा काम करोगे, तो बावजी तुम्हारा भला करेंगे|

Marwari - जदी वन्ने बावजी आवे, वदी झाड़-फूक करणों पड़े
English - When he gets afflicted by some deity, exorcism needs to be done then.
Hindi - जब उसके शारीर में देवी आती हैं, तब झाड़-फूक करना पड़ता हैं|