Kam ( काम )


Work, Job

English Meaning

activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result
a task or tasks to be undertaken.
a thing or things done or made; the result of an action.

Hindi Synonyms

    काम    कार्य   कर्म    निर्माण


It generally means Work and has wide usage. Popular usage is to instruct a person to do work. It is preferable to use substitutes for meaning work, when we are talking to elders or to someone to give respect.


Marwari - काम करी तो होरो वेई.
English  - If you work, you shall progress.
Hindi     - 

Marwari - जा थारो काम कर.
English  - Mind your own work (Mind your own business)
Hindi     - 

Marwari - आज काला काई काम वेई रो है.
English  - How's job (/ business) going on?
Hindi     - 

In bellow example, we see how to mean work (By skipping the word "Kam ( काम )", when we are talking respectfully.
Marwari - आप काई करी रा.
English  - What work are you doing?
Hindi     - 


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