Raab ( राब )


A food preparation made from Curd and Maize. It can be consumed hot or at room temperature. In some parts of rajasthan insteasd of maize (Corn), jowar and bajra are also used. In Gujrat it's mostly made from Bajra.
In some areas of Rajasthan also refer to "पलेव ( Palev )" as Raab. Paleev is similar to Raab but it's made from Rice.
It's served with Daal Bati.

English Synonyms

Raab (No word for available for this food dish)


The word itself is a proper noun for a dish which is famous in Rajasthan


Marwari - आज राब पीन पेट भराई गयो  ( Aaj raab peen pet bharai gyo )
English  - Today after having Raab, my stomach got full

Similar Words

  • Paleev ( पलेव ) - A food dish made from Curd and Rice
  • Daal Bati ( दाल बाटी ) - A combination of food dish, staple food of Rajasthan

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