Ummas ( उम्मस )


Humid weather

English Meaning

marked by a relatively high level of water vapour in the atmosphere.

English Synonyms

muggy, close, sultry, sticky, steamy, oppressive, airless, stifling, suffocating, stuffy, clammy, soupy, heavy, fuggy

Hindi Sysnonyms

    नम     गीला    तर    सीला


It is used to denote a hot and humid weather, it also denotes the weather is uncomfortable.
Sometimes it is used to hint rain is going to come (or has just gone) as weather is humid.


Marwari - आज खूब उम्मस है .
English  - Today weather is hot and humid.
Hindi     - आज बहुत सीलापन है .

Marwari - कालू उम्मस है, लगे बारिश आई .
English  - From yesterday onwards there is humidity, I guess it shall rain.
Hindi     - कल से मौसम नम है, लगता है बारिश आएगी

Marwari - 1st Person - आतरो तपी रो कई है ? 2nd Person - उम्मस है नी . 
English  - 1st Person - Why is it feeling so hot? 2nd Person - Because of humidity.
Hindi     - 1st Person - आज इतनी गरमी क्यू है ? 2nd Person -मौसम में नामी कतनी है .


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